Advertising in guidebooks


on the pages of a popular pocket guidebook of the series "Welcome".

We suggest you to place advertising in popular guidebooks of series Welcome.

A series is published since 1995. It is made by Russian for Russian and considers all features of national mentality. A series is popular in tourists and at experts of tourist industry. Each guidebook is republished each 2-3 years.

Issued editions:

in Russian

Paris in the pocket

French Riviera in the pocket

Berlin & Hamburg in the pocket

Spain in the pocket

Greece in the pocket

Golden Ring of Russia

Germany - autoguide

Spain.Portugal - autoguide

France.Italy - autoguide

Italy in the pocket

Moscow in the pocket

St.-Petersburg in the pocket

Petersburg ortodox

Prague in the pocket

Walk on Jerusalem

Turkey in the pocket

Finland in the pocket

Sweden in the pocket

Israel in the pocket

Cyprus in the pocket

Barcelona & Andorra in pocket

Estonia in pocket

Estonia - autoguide

Norway. Sweden. Denmark. - autoguide

Finland - autoguide

Crym - autoguide

in English

giudebook St.-PETERSBURG in the pocket

giudebook MOSCOW in the pocket

giudebook Photoalbum "Splendid St.-Petersburg"

giudebook Photoalbum "St Petersburg in pocket"


* tourists, businessmen and travellers

* specialists:travel agencies, insurance and transport agencies and other companies

involved in international tourism


* travel agencies in Russia

* bookshops in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia

* tourist offices outside Russia

* Russian bookshops outside Russia


* high guality of print and design

* updated edition every year

* high purchasing capacity of the guide s readership

* high recall rate readers use the guide for a long period of time

(before, during and after the trip)

* access to secondary readers (family members and acquaintances)

* harmonious combination of advertisements and the contents of the guide your advertisements are believed to be part of the obiektive and authentic information given in the guide

* the possibility to ekonomize on your own advertising materials in Russian and their distribution in Russia

* the opportunity to place discount vouchers probability of purchase of your goobs or services will increase


Issue10000-15000 copies
Size115 x 185 mm
Quantity of pages  about 200
Qualitycolor print
glossy paper 115 GR/QM
Price3 EUR - 4.5 EUR


* preparation for the trip (how to get a visa, how to choose the right travel agency, the right hotel)

* museums, palaces, galleries and excursions (with an indication of approximate prices and opening hours)

* history of a contry or a city and connections with Russian history

* good food and drinks: restaurants, pubs, cafes (with an indication of approximate prices and opening hours)

* relaxing and entertainment:theatres, concert nalls, discos, night clubs, casinos, "hot spots", sport centers etc (with an indication of approximate prices and opening hours)

* festivals, cultural and sports events

* addresses of big and popular shops

* information about public transport

* useful information for businessmen (how to open bank accounts, how to find business partners, how to buy property etc)

* advice in emergency cases

* free maps of a city or a country

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