Moscow in pocket

Н. Землянская Moscow in pocket: Guide-book. The series «Capitals of tourism». - St.Petersburg: Publishing Company «Welcome», 2011. ISBN 978-5-93024-081-8 The guide-book «Moscow in pocket» is published specially for those, who are going to visit St. Petersburg. The aim of this book is to make the stay in Moscow easier and more interesting. On the pages of the guide-book all the necessary information concerning the preparation for the trip is included. In the book there is information about: hotels and places for accommodation, hotels reservation; information about the city's transport, shops and restaurants; places of interest, museums, all kinds of excursions (the information about the prices and opening hours is included); theatres, nightclubs etc. One of the chapters is devoted to the suburbs of Moscow. In the book there is the plan of the city's metro.

Places of interest:
Kremlin: Kremlin Walls and Towers , The Arsenal, The Senate, The President’s Administration, The Ivan Great, Bell Tower Complex, The Tsar Cannon, The Tsar Bell, The Archangel’s Cathedral, The Annunciation (Blagoveshchenskiy) Cathedral, The Grand Kremlin Palace, The Faceted Chamber, The Terem (Teremnoy) Palace, The Church of Laying Our Lady’s Holy Robe (Rizopolozheniya), The Uspensky Cathedral, The Patriarch’s Palace and the Twelve Apostles’ Church, The State Kremlin Palace, The Armory Chamber and Diamond Fund;
Red Square: St. Basil’s Cathedral, The Monument to Minin and Pozharskiy, Lobnoye Mesto (Place), GUM, (Department Store), The Lenin’s Mausoleum, State Historical Museum, “Zero kilometre“;
Alexandrovsky Garden: The Monument to the Unknown Soldier and Eternal Flame, The Grotto, The Manezhnaya Square, The Manezh, The State Duma of Russian Federation, Hotel «National», Hotel «Moskva»;
Volkhonka: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts;
Mokhovaya Street: The Pashkov Palace, Russian State Library;
Tverskaya Street: Exhibition Hall «Noviy Manezh», Representative (Podvorye) of Savino­Storozhevskiy Monastery, The Ermolova’s Theatre, Kamergerskiy Lane, The Central Telegraph, The Monument to Yuri Dolgorukiy, Bryusov Lane, Moscow’s City Hall, Book Shop «Moskva» ( «Moscow») Philippov’s Bakery, Eliseev’s Emporium (Eliseevskiy Gastronom), Pushkinskaya Square;
Theatre Square: Bolshoi Theatre, Maliy Theatre, The Nobility Assembly Rooms,Hotel «Metropol», Tretyakov Passage (Tretyakovskiy proezd), ZUM (Department Store);
Lubyanka: Complex of buildings of FSB (Federal Service of Safety), New Square (Novaya Ploshchad), Old Square (Staraya Ploshchad);
Arbat: Memorial Museum of A.Pushkin in Arbat, The House of Architect Melnikov, Jesus Transfiguration’s Church on Sand (Spas Preobrazhenya na Peskakh) Spaso­House, Theatre of Vahtangov, New Arbat Street (Noviy Arbat);
Zamoskvoretchje: Tretyakov’s Gallery, The Church of Resurrection (Voskreshenya) in Khadazhi, The Church of Pope Clement (Clementa Papy Rimskogo), The Church of Holy Mother (Bogomater «Vsekh skorbyashchykh radost»);
Boulevard Ring (Bulvarnoje Koltzo), Kolomenskoye, Vorobjev Hills (Vorobjeviy Gory). Moscow State University (MGU), Gorkiy Park. Neskuchniy Garden, All Russian Exhibition Center (WZ);
Ostankino: Ostankino Estate, Ostankino TV Tower;
Park pobedy (Park of the victory): Park of Victory on Poklonnaya Hill, Triumph Arc;
Monasteries and churches: Novodevichiy Convent, Novodevichiye, Cemetery, Spaso­Andronikov Monastery, Krutizkoye Podvorye, Svyato­Danilov Monastery, Donskoy Monastery, Rozhdestvenskiy Convent, Vysokopetrovskiy Monastery, The Church of Pokrov in Fili, The Church of St.Nikola (Nikolay Tchudotvorets) in Khamovniki, Bogoyavlenskiy Monastery;
Estates and parks: Kuskovo, Botanic Garden, Tsaritsino («Empress’s Village»), Kuzminki, Sokolniki, Izmailovo, Izmailovslkiy Island, Izmailovslkiy Park, Vernisage, Kremlin in Izmailovo;
Museums: Historical Museums, Art Museums, Literary Museums, Technical and Scientific Museums, Museums of Theatre and Music.